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  • SHILI GRAPHITE ELECTRODES MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. was founded to manufacuture gouging carbons electrodes. We have concentrated on one item, gouging carbons and accumulated a lot of experiences in gouging carbon business. Shilicarbon, our brand, is consists of three basic components.

  • 1. Best selected raw materials (artifical graphite powder & copper)

    2. Devoted manpower

    3. Strict quality control systems

  • Our manufacturing plant is located in BAI SHA BU Town, LINYI CITY, SHANDONG Prov, about 150Km south of QINGDAO PORT , that is to facilitate export.
  • SHILICARBON is one of the most experienced players in the world market and designed to meet your requirements. The complete range of SHILI offers a wide range of choice. Our vast experience and technical service in the most demanding applications ensure that we can always recommend you the best solution available.

  • >> 1982.09   Established Linyi City XUDUN Carbon Plant
  • >> 1992.07   Set up Linyi City Lanshan Dist Northern Suburbs Carbon Factory
  • >> 1996.06   Collective-owned into private enterprise
  • >> 2004.09   Changed company name to Linyi Shili Graphite Electrodes Manufacture Co., Ltd.
  • >> 2005.10   Have the own right to export and operate export business
  • >> 2008.03   Export to more than 10 countries and regions
  • Revenues from Exports             USD 920,000.00
  • Countries Exported To             Total 15 countries including Brazil, Turkey, India, Italy, Korea...


    In LINYI City There is a best transport trade in Chinese mainland and obtained a ” CHINESE LOGISTICS CENTER” title.
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